Tommy Thompson for President 2008
Tommy Thompson for President 2008

Taxes and Budgets

Tommy Thompson Taxes and Budgets Beginning as a state lawmaker, Tommy Thompson became the Governor of Wisconsin. During his career in public service, Mr. Thompson could identify the week points of the economy and develop strategies that would contribute to the population's well-being.

Governos Thompson considered the tax law inefficient, causing too much pressure on the residents and not reaching the budget goals. Therefore, he focused on a set of reforms that would solve this matter. His team has participated in strategic development to find complex solutions that would remove the burden without causing an economic downturn.

Beginning from 1987 to 2001, Thompson cut the state expenditure, setting the budget limits, and implemented the new tax law. He managed to cut taxes 91 times, offering people a tax burden relief of a total of $2.1 billion only by lowering the property tax.

Besides the property tax, the combination of all the initiatives $16.4 billion tax cut in Wisconsin. The wise strategy of budget administration permitted the development of the economy while boosting the state residents' life level.

Governor Thompson contributed to the state's overall economic growth by empowering families and individuals. The tax property allowed people to invest more in a property purchase. As a result, the tax cut did not lead to economic issues but started an economic flow.
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