Tommy Thompson for President 2008
Tommy Thompson for President 2008

Medicare: Drug Benefit Initiative

Drug Benefit Initiative At the basis of a strong country lies a strong Healthcare system. Experts mention the United States health care system as being through the top ones worldwide. However, Tommy Thompson believes that there is room for improvement.

A state must provide its residents with the right to life. It should develop policies that would bring medicare to the highest level and make it affordable for the citizens. Though, almost 9% of the US population does not have health insurance. Is the problem in government or the low incomes?

Governor Thompson believes that high costs for medicare do not follow the sustainable development goals. He mentioned that there must be policies that would open access to healthcare for each citizen.

The healthcare reform supported by Tommy Thompson included a Drug Benefit Initiative. His department analyzed the existing issues and determined the urgent necessity to provide seniors with drug coverage. Collaborating with the White House, his team has developed strategies and negotiated with pharmaceutical companies to lower drug prices. They have used modern technologies for cost improvement and found ways to reach the Drug Benefit Initiative's goals.

Governor Thompson believes that a state must take care of elderly people. The state should provide them with a comfortable life and quality healthcare system.
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