Tommy Thompson for President 2008
Tommy Thompson for President 2008

Economy and Jobs Program in Iowa

Economy and Jobs Program The welfare of a country depends on socio-economic development. Government support is crucial when speaking about equal rights for a better life for the population. Common efforts of the private and public sectors affect the growth index positively.

Governos Thompson has promulgated many strategies that led to a positive economic impact for the Iowa residents. Firstly, he evaluated the labor market, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the status quo. Governor claimed for laws that would increase the employment rate. The main goal was to increase the earnings of individuals. This strategy led to a higher paying capability and consumer spending, which affected the local small and medium-sized enterprises positively.

The growth of the labor market also resulted from the tax law. Tommy Thompson stands for pareto-efficiency. Therefore, he supported tax cut laws for businesses and earnings of individuals. This action had two short-term consequences. Firstly, the elimination of the tax burden offered businesses the possibility of enlargement. Secondly, the companies` development led to new work placements in the region.

Efficient policies affect the growth of the national economy in the long-term perspective. Governor Thompson contributed to a better quality of life of the Iowa residents, supporting local companies and creating job programs.
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